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Welcome to Reve d'Or Tours,
                                     the door that opens on Haiti
Haiti is a destination in its own which will charm any traveler.  Our pristine beaches, colonial cities, centuries-old buildings and enigmatic mountains are part of an adventure that invites pleasure and discovery. We will accommodate and arrange  historical, cultural and leisure tours and packages anywhere in Haiti, for groups or individuals. 
At Reve d'Or Tours, we are offering the best experience of your trip to Haiti from the time you arrive until your departure.  Our staff of professionals is trained to provide the best service to our visitors and making your stay on the island a very memorable one. 

Our network of people who want to take the time to show the Diaspora and foreigners what the island is about has increased.  Many share Reve d'Or Tours' vision to have more people reconnect to our country, Haiti. 
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